For silky white skin MELASLOW™


To be a bronze tanned babe or a white porcelain-like princess is merely a choice or a birth-given fact. If Mother Nature has gifted you with bright hair and eyes along with
the softest skin imaginable, then it is highly unlikely for you to ever have that Baywatch tan. There’s some truth to the statement, that although highly improbable, it is still
possible, but at the cost of countless of hours spent at the tanning salon or at the beach. And according to the latest findings of the World Health Organization, this could turn out
to be quite harmful to your skin. Excessive sun exposure without the presence of any sun protecting lotion can cause the skin to age, accelerate the oxidative-reduction processes
and lead to skin cancer.

So, dear ladies, be natural, accept your true selves and try and emphasize your uniqueness.

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Aloe Vera

What is Aloe Vera?


Aloe Vera is a plant of the Lily family coming from South Africa. It has long, thick and fleshy leaves that resemble cactus. Not in vain we call Aloe Vera “the plant of immortality”or”wonder plant”. Its properties have been documented for more than five thousand years finding application in the Chinese, Indian and Egyptian culture. Aloe was present as one of the favorite herbs in the beautifying rituals of Egyptian queens. Its therapeutic and remedial qualities were used by both Ancient Greek and Roman physicians for anything, from treatment of a cut and tissue damage to cure of disorders of the digestive system and complete detoxification of the body. Continue reading “Aloe Vera”

Rose oil

Rose flower is tenderness, beauty and desire…
Shared feelings, delight, longing…
Rose flower is beauty…beauty is delight and youth.


For centuries, rose has been applied in science for beauty. It is found in the context of exciting legends and takes a special place in the heart of people. Its incomparable aroma, delicate tenderness and general health benefits bring a feeling of love, beauty and happiness to all senses.

More than 300 chemical compounds are found in this divine flower, as major ones are high alcohols (eleoptens) and high paraffins (stearoptens) combined with many other microelements. Their specific proportion makes the rich and lasting flavor of rose oil. There are also minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that have a soothing, moisturizing and nourishing action. Aromatic rose oil reduces the level of cortisol (stress hormone) and helps relieve symptoms of depression.
Rose flower is used for production of rose oil, rose concrete, rose water, rose extract, etc.

The unbelievable regenerating features of the stem cells PhytoCellTec™ Argan and skin with 26 % less wrinkles!

Botttle of Moroccan Argan oil and nuts

Every person wants to be young, beautiful, with a perfect skin and confidence. There are a lot of ways to achieve that: balanced eating, healthy life, surgery and cosmetics. There are a lot of advantages from every example, but the right combination between them is the most important. There are a lot of ingredients in the cosmetic, which can remove wrinkles, compact the structure of the skin, regeneration and rejuvenation. One of them is PhytoCellTec™ Argan. These are stem cells extracted from Argan tree.

The medicine has found a cure for many illnesses and for regeneration of the body, the miracle effect of the stem cells. The stem cell is a cell which has the ability to divide (renewing itself) for unlimited period of time, often during the whole life of an organism. In some conditions or under the influence of specific signals, the stem cell may differentiate into various cells that make up the body.
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