The Asian secret for a beautiful skin

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Asian women are known for their delicate beauty. The great secret to which they owe their young and healthy skin is an ancient technique of massage originating in India and the Far East. For centuries Asian facial massage has been a major tool for fightingthe aging of the skin. Often neglected in the West, massage is one of the most important steps in everyday skin care of each Asian woman. It improves the elasticity and health of the skin, rejuvenates it and stimulates blood circulation in the epidermis.

The easy self-massage, that we will show you, has an excellent rejuvenating and refreshing effect. The fine wrinkles are smooth, the skin becomes fresh and delicate, relieves the puffiness and removes the bags under the eyes. The stunning effect is achieved thanks to the stimulation of magical “beauty points”.

The technique is also suitable for treating acne. There is a huge amount of acupuncture points on the face, the stimulation of which is the best assistant in the fight against this problem. Thanks to this massage, you will be able to keep your skin healthy, toned and above all young. Massage can prevent not only aging, it also recharges with good mood and creates a sense of mental and physical comfort.


Before starting the self-massage:

Play relaxing music, breathe deeply and breathe out.

  1. Bind your hair in order to avoid hindering during the procedure.
  2. Clean your face thoroughly. Gently remove the make-up with toilet milk or micellar water and wash the face with your favorite face cleanser.
  3. Last but not least – wash your hands thoroughly. They will be your main “tool” during the procedure.

Turn each of the 3 steps of cleansing the face and applying cream to a relaxing spa-ritual, your 10-minute tranquility. You can make the massage in the morning or in the evening, several times a week, and, whenever is possible, every day.

Here are our extremely efficient massage techniques that you can apply tonight:

Lifting of the forehead:

Benefits: Smooths and stops the appearance of fine horizontal and vertical wrinkles in the forehead area. Gently relaxes the tension in the fore muscles by acupuncture.

1. Clench fists. Place the knuckles on the middle and the ring finger in the center of the forehead and press gently.
2. Continue pressing, slowly sliding your fingers toward the temples.
3. Press gently on both ends of the temples and release.
4. Repeat 5-6 times.

Lifting of the neckline and neck:

Benefits: Removes and prevents the appearance of a so-called ‘double’ chin and flabby skin in the neck and jaw area.

1. Try to touch your right ear with your lips. Stretch them to the maximum so that you feel tension in your left cheek.
2. Hold your lips in this position and tilt your head diagonally to the left.
3. Hold for 3 seconds and release. Repeat 5-6 times.
4. Do the exercise on your left side. Repeat 5-6 times again.

It is important to accomplish the moves very slowly, so that you feel stretching the muscles in this area.

Face lifting:

Benefits: Smooths the nasolabial lines (mimic wrinkles in the area of the nose and mouth) and stretches the muscles around the eyes and cheekbones.


1. Put your palms on your temples and press gently.
2. While pressing, move your hands up as far as possible, stretching the two ends of the face.
3. Open the mouth in the form of a letter ”O”. While in this posture, stretch your chin down to the bottom (imagine that you touch your neck with your chin).
4. Hold for 5 seconds and then release. Repeat the exercise 3-4 times.

Eye lifting

Benefits: Lifts the floppy eyelids and smooths the wrinkles in the eye contour.


1. Stand up and relax your shoulders. Raise your right hand and touch your left temple over your head.
2. Gently press and bend your head to the far right. The important thing in this exercise is to keep your back and shoulders straight.
3. Hold this position as you breathe air through the mouth.
4. Repeat 4-5 times. Do the exercise for the left side of the face.

Complete the procedure with ear-massage.

Warm your hands by vigorously rubbing them together. Cover your ears with your palms by placing your fingers behind your neck. Rub the ears with slight circular moves. Wipe the entire area of the ear shell. You should not feel pain or discomfort. Massage for 1-2 minutes.
Active massage increases the overall tone of the nervous system, mobilizes the internal reserves and forces of the body and removes fatigue.


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