Perfectly cleaned and hydrated skin with the Ultra Gentle Cleansing Facial Gel PURE SKIN from Renora Cosmetics

Beautiful skin needs not only sufficient nourishment and hydration, but also complete cleansing in the morning and in the evening. In the daytime your face is exposed to all sorts of dirt and various weather conditions (cold, wind, sun). Therefore, we recommend that you use cleaning agents which act in depth while being gentle to the skin.

The breakthrough Cleansing Facial Gel Renora PURE SKIN ensures healthy and fresh skin thanks to its sulfate-free formula. It deeply cleanses your hair while soothing and permanently hydrating it.

First of all, we should note that the Cleansing Gel DOES NOT CONTAIN the most harmful to the skin components: sulfates, parabens, artificial flavors and colorants. The gel neutral Ph makes it perfect for sensitive skin prone to redness and other skin allergies.

Here’s some of our ingredients that you can choose and add to your personal cleansing gel Renora PURE SKIN:

Milk extract is a natural moisturizer which both tones the skin and cleans the complexion. It easily penetrates the pores without clogging them.

Tea tree has extremely beneficial effect on problematic acne skin, with a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-acne action.

Thyme is a key ingredient for pore cleaning and contraction. It contains flavonoids and thymol which have antiseptic effect and clean the skin.

Aloe Vera is another well-known ingredient, which is widely used in the world of cosmetics, and it is not for nothing. Aloe is an excellent moisturizer for all types of skin. It contains more than 75 active ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals and microelements. It also helps to lighten spots and scars on the skin, keeping it supple and slowing ageing of cells.

Whether you will create a product with moisturizing, antiseptic or soothing effect depends entirely on you, and on your skin needs. The useful substances of our active ingredients extracted from various plants provide maximum care for the skin, helping it to be radiant and beautiful.

Renora Cosmetics offers a new generation of products created by you for you, with instantaneous impact on the skin thanks to the innovative diagnostic method.

Use the power of customized cosmetics to preserve beauty and health of your skin.

Create the most suitable for your skin cosmetic products of Renora Cosmetics!


How to cleanse your face with the Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel PURE SKIN:


Mixed and oily skin:

The innovative sulfate-free formula of the Washing Gel Renora removes dirt from the surface of the skin, leaving it perfectly clean and smooth. Specially enriched with Vitamin A, which prevents excess oil and shine. Does not irritate skin and eyes.

Free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Application:  Apply the gel on previously wet face and neck, and massage gently with circular movements, paying special attention to areas with imperfections. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft towel. Use in the morning and in the evening before your favorite cream Renora.

Dry and normal skin:

The Washing Gel Renora gently removes dirt from the surface of the skin and provides immediate soothing effect. The breakthrough sulfate-free formula with Vitamin Е recovers the balance of the skin, making it clean, refreshed and comfortable. Does not irritate skin and eyes.

Free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Application:  Apply the gel on previously wet face and neck, and massage gently with circular movements. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft towel. Use in the morning and in the evening before your favorite cream Renora.

Create your personal care for your skin and experience the lux of customized cosmetics!


Gentle Hands

Here are some basic tips on how to have the fine and tender hands that you deserve:

  • 1.Use hand cream daily – Make it part of your beauty routine. Place it near your bed and apply it every evening before sleep – thus you will wake up with velvety hands. At night the skin gets regenerated, and we could make use of this process by applying a cream with nourishing oils and extracts that not only help protect the skin, but also keep it moisturized.
  • Avoid washing your hands with water that is too cold or hot – If the water is too cold, it makes the capillaries first shrink and then expand, which leads to skin redness. If the water is too hot, it washes the sebum away and makes the skin dry. Make sure to use some soft soap and always apply cream after using disinfecting gels and preparations.
  • Massage for calm and beauty – Our hands have a powerful therapeutic effect that we could easily make use of while relaxing at home or watching TV. The massage stimulates the flow of energy, improves the blood circulation, invigorates the skin and has a positive effect on the brain and the whole body. The specialists use acupressure or reflexology techniques, but even without following any specific guidelines, you could benefit from a gentle massage:

Hand Cream Therapy

  1. For this purpose, apply hand cream, if possible one with denser and richer texture – Renora Repairing Hand & Nail Concentrate or the deeply hydrating Renora Illuminating Hydrating Hand & Nail Concentrate
  2. Rub one hand against the other, then gently spread the product along each finger by paying greater attention to the area around the nails. 
  3. With the thumb and index finger of either hand gently press the pads of each of the fingers of the other hand. 
  4. Repeat by switching the hands.  
  5. Massage the palm of either hand with the thumb of the other hand with light circular movements. This will give you a pleasant feeling of calmness and relaxation and will stimulate important points located on the inner side of the hands. 
  6. Only 2-3 minutes are sufficient to make your whole body feel relaxed. Repeat these steps whenever you feel like or need to. 
Do not forget that the healthy and beautiful skin is a woman’s best accessory!

Beautiful and healthy hands and nails

We like to take care of our beauty, but we often neglect the skin of our hands until it is too late. The face and hands are the business card of the modern woman who takes good care of herself. That is why we need to turn the care and protection of our hands into a daily routine.

Hand Care

The fundamental prerequisite for tender and smooth hand skin is hydration. The deeply moisturizing and regenerative Renora Repairing Hand & Nail Concentrate contains one of the best natural moisturizers – olive milk. It is extremely rich in vitamin E and natural antioxidants that ensure immediate refreshing and hydrating effect. The milk contains all types of fat-soluble vitamins that take care in a natural way of the health and beauty of the skin.

Oh, no, dry hands

The hand skin abounds with sebaceous glands that produce the important protective hydrolipidic film. This is the main reason why the first signs of aging and loss of elasticity appear not elsewhere but on the hands. The best helpers in the fight against rough skin are the linseed and almond oils. They are rich in alpha-linolenic acid, omega-3 fatty acids and lignans that have a powerful anti-age effect and relieve and prevent a number of skin inflammations and allergies. The great advantage of these plant oils is that they are closest to the human skin in terms of composition. This enables their full absorption by the body and increases manifold their regenerative and nourishing effects.

The Miraculous Aloe Vera Effect

Our hands are the body part that suffers most from everyday activities like cleaning, washing, writing, contact with various surfaces, and so on. This makes their skin get dry, crack and peel easily. The wonder-worker that will rejuvenate them is aloe. It has a unique moisturizing and firming effect – it restores the structure and strength of both the skin and nails. The aloe vera plant has a high content of vitamins A, C and E that make the skin elastic and bright and at the same time nourish and repair the nails.

The Magic of Coconut Oil

The irreplaceable coconut oil is one of the favorite ingredients for beautiful and healthy skin. What makes this oil perfect for cosmetic purposes is the instant softness it brings to the skin. The fatty acids in the coconut oil have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, which further helps the dry and cracked or otherwise irritated skin. The formula of the Illuminating Hydrating Hand & Nail Cream and the Repairing Hand and Nail Concentrate combines linseed and almond oils and olive milk and is developed to provide deep hydration and lasting hand care – the perfect “food” for every skin.

Natural sunscreen or which natural oils protect us from the sun

The sun is love, health, beauty. We all know that golden tan is the best accessory in the warm summer days! There is hardly a person who does not like the tender caress of sun rays, the chocolate tan and the flow of energy and high spirits they bring. But a healthy tan may be unattainable without specific skin care.

There are different ways of protection: using products with sun protection factor (of organic and inorganic origin) or natural products with a minimal sun protection factor that are, nevertheless, extremely beneficial to the skin. And since nature always has everything we need to take care of our health, we have selected the best natural oils with a natural protective function that, besides enhancing the long-lasting and beautiful tan, are highly beneficial to the skin:

Cocoa Butter – For centuries, cocoa butter has been an essential ingredient in natural cosmetics in warmer countries, and in addition to its beautifying properties, it also has the ability to improve the mood and body tonus. The high polyphenol content reduces the signs of aging and soothes the sensitive skin, while its fine texture makes it excellent remedy for natural treatment of eczema and dermatitis. Cocoa butter regenerates the skin, making it healthier and elastic.


Almond Oil – Almond Oil has a high vitamins A and E content that improves the complexion, moisturizes and soothes the skin. The oil is suitable for every type of skin, slowing down the aging processes and nourishing it in depth.

Avocado oil – Owing to its monounsaturated fat content, Avocado oil soothes skin inflammations and protects the upper layers of the epidermis. The oil is most widely used for its strong moisturizing properties that make the skin smooth and soft.

Shea Butter – One of the main natural oils that are used for faster and beautiful tanning of the skin. Shea butter has a moisturizing and regenerating effect. Experts also recommend it for itchy skin and scar and stretch mark removal.

Coconut oil – Its delicate aroma makes it one of the most preferable oils for the summer. Coconut oil retains moisture, hydrates and at the same time allows sun rays to penetrate deeper into the epidermis. In this way the suntan will last longer and will be more uniform.

coconut oil

The last place on our list has been reserved for our great discovery:

There is one particular type of oil that is especially beneficial both when consumed or applied on the skin. This is Chia oil.

Chia oil is extracted from Salvia Hispanica seeds by pressing. This oil has the richest known plant source of Omega 3 fatty acids (63%).

For centuries, the Incas and the ancient Mayan civilization of South America used the incredible therapeutic and sunscreen properties of chia. Chia was a sacred food for the Mayans, in whose language the word chia meant “strength”. Chia seeds were always worn by warriors to give them stamina and strength. Applied to the skin, the oil protected them from the strong sun rays.

Extremely high levels of phytonutrients: PUFA (60% Omega-3 and 20% Omega-6), vitamins A and antioxidant agents. Some of the strongest antioxidants contained in the oil are: phytosterols, flavanoids, phenoxy acids, tocopherols (vitamin E, especially Y-Tocopherols) and other polyphenolic antioxidants.

Chia oil has not only a sunscreen effect but also reduces the loss of epidermal moisture by 15.2%. It increases skin elasticity by 15.1%, reduces redness by 21.7% and skin discomfort caused by adverse environmental conditions and lack of moisture and lipids by 28%.

Tests have shown that owing to the content of natural UV-filters chia oil has a highly protective effect on the skin, especially on tattooed skin. In addition to maintaining colour intensity, the oil protects and hydrates tattooed areas.

It is important to note that all natural oils listed have a low sun protection and do not protect us from the UVA and UVB rays. Therefore, they are not an effective substitute for sunscreen cosmetics. With care and love for our customers, we strongly recommend regular use of a sunscreen product during the summer months to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, spots, changes in the skin structure or even other more serious problems and illnesses.

Give yourself a portion of hydration, luminosity, softness and natural protection with these natural oils, but always in combination with your favourite sunscreen product!

Face mask – effective long-lasting care! Mission possible!

Why not disregard this step in our weekly beauty ritual

Should everyone use a face mask? Of course! They are the excellent means for intensive treatment of a certain skin problem. Each skin care includes daily and weekly steps. Face masks are very important and should be part of every woman’s weekly beautifying ritual.

In addition to maintaining skin for a long time, thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients, the face mask also enhances the effect of other cosmetic products several times. Here are some of the most important benefits these specialized products can do for your skin:

  • Shiny skin and even complexion
  • Slow down the aging process and energize the skin
  • Stimulate regeneration
  • Deeply moisturise and reduce wrinkles
  • Activate and soothe the skin

To feel these effects on your face too, you must use a mask at least once a week or more frequently, depending on your skin needs. The variety of this type of products is great, but according to their purpose and effect we can divide them into 2 groups:

  • According to their composition and effect on the skin:

– Moisturizing:  When your skin is tired or dry, moisturizing masks are the best helper. They are especially effective after prolonged exposure to the sun. Regardless of skin type, moisturizing masks can be used daily, thus restoring moisture levels and maintaining the elasticity of the epidermis. Renora’s personal 15 minute face mask with cucumber, aloe and hyaluronic acid is perfect for refreshing and revitalizing.

– Nourishing:  Nourishing masks are intended for skin prone to aging that has started to lose its tone and density. The purpose of these types of masks is to enrich and improve the metabolism in the cell, as well as to preserve the youthful and fresh appearance of the skin for as long as possible. The Renora Personal Nourishing Mask formula can contain Jojoba, Shea, and Almond natural oils that regenerate and restructure the skin, slowing down the aging processes. It’s a good idea to start using nourishing masks as soon as you notice the first wrinkles and fine lines.

– Cleaning:  We all hate clogged pores! And if the contamination is allowed to accumulate and penetrate deep into the skin, it creates a prerequisite for the development of many inflammatory processes and bacteria. Cleaning face masks will solve this problem out. Their main ingredient is clay. It effectively removes the accumulated impurities and normalizes excessive oiling. Even if you clean your skin daily, only a concentrated mask can cleanse the skin in depth and remove the dead cells that have accumulated on its surface. The Sumac, Nettle and Tea Tree Cleansing Mask is an extremely powerful weekly detoxifying agent that will make your skin breathe and help to open pores. You can use this type of mask twice a week or more often if needed.

– Soothing: Soothing masks are extremely gentle and successfully care for delicate, sensitive skin, smoothing out complexion and soothing irritations. Sensitive skins have a weaker protective barrier and respond to more aggressive external influences. The purpose of this type of mask is to enhance the skin’s defences and maintain its balance. Their strengthening action restores the hydrolipid layer, eliminates redness and reduces irritation. They are used once or twice a week as your skin desires.

  • According to the consistency and concentration of the active substances:

– Fast (10-15 minute mask): Masks applied on the skin for a shorter period are great when you need instant refreshment. They have an almost instant beautifying effect and save a lot of time. They are suitable for younger skin, are lighter, and their formula allows them to be absorbed and soaked faster. Their purpose is daily use to quickly cleanse, moisturize or soothe the skin.

– Night mask: Ladies who look after their flawless appearance most often resort to night masks because of their powerful complex effect. During sleep, while resting, the body releases damaging toxins and at the same time is saturated with oxygen. Thanks to this natural process, we wake up rested and fresh. Night face masks have the highest concentration of active ingredients, so night hours are the best time for deep face recovery and skin care.

And to top it all – some tips from our specialists:

– Regardless of skin type, each mask should be applied to a well-cleaned face beforehand.

– If you want to contribute to the effectiveness of all other skin care products, then a face mask is a must. Regular use will not only protect, tone and refresh your skin, but will also provide much faster results than other daily cosmetic rituals.

If you still doubt whether to use face masks regularly, create your own personal mask from Renora Cosmetics and enjoy the luxurious feeling of beautiful and healthy skin!

Extract from milk

Proteins and fats in milk nourish and moisturize the skin. Nourishing ingredients tone the skin, make it smooth and soft, favor the preservation of natural protection – its mastnokiseliien layer. Moisture is retained for a longer time in the dermis, which favors and elasticity.

Tea tree extract

It is very strong antibacterial agent. Its antiseptic action is 8 times stronger than the carbolic acid and 12 times than the phenol. It has bactericidal, antifungal, antiviral and immune stimulating characteristics. It is very useful for young, acne, oily skin.


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