Beautiful and healthy hands and nails

We like to take care of our beauty, but we often neglect the skin of our hands until it is too late. The face and hands are the business card of the modern woman who takes good care of herself. That is why we need to turn the care and protection of our hands into a daily routine.

Hand Care

The fundamental prerequisite for tender and smooth hand skin is hydration. The deeply moisturizing and regenerative Renora Repairing Hand & Nail Concentrate contains one of the best natural moisturizers – olive milk. It is extremely rich in vitamin E and natural antioxidants that ensure immediate refreshing and hydrating effect. The milk contains all types of fat-soluble vitamins that take care in a natural way of the health and beauty of the skin.

Oh, no, dry hands

The hand skin abounds with sebaceous glands that produce the important protective hydrolipidic film. This is the main reason why the first signs of aging and loss of elasticity appear not elsewhere but on the hands. The best helpers in the fight against rough skin are the linseed and almond oils. They are rich in alpha-linolenic acid, omega-3 fatty acids and lignans that have a powerful anti-age effect and relieve and prevent a number of skin inflammations and allergies. The great advantage of these plant oils is that they are closest to the human skin in terms of composition. This enables their full absorption by the body and increases manifold their regenerative and nourishing effects.

The Miraculous Aloe Vera Effect

Our hands are the body part that suffers most from everyday activities like cleaning, washing, writing, contact with various surfaces, and so on. This makes their skin get dry, crack and peel easily. The wonder-worker that will rejuvenate them is aloe. It has a unique moisturizing and firming effect – it restores the structure and strength of both the skin and nails. The aloe vera plant has a high content of vitamins A, C and E that make the skin elastic and bright and at the same time nourish and repair the nails.

The Magic of Coconut Oil

The irreplaceable coconut oil is one of the favorite ingredients for beautiful and healthy skin. What makes this oil perfect for cosmetic purposes is the instant softness it brings to the skin. The fatty acids in the coconut oil have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, which further helps the dry and cracked or otherwise irritated skin. The formula of the Illuminating Hydrating Hand & Nail Cream and the Repairing Hand and Nail Concentrate combines linseed and almond oils and olive milk and is developed to provide deep hydration and lasting hand care – the perfect “food” for every skin.

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