Bueaty rules to Live by!

We, the women, spend loads of money for cosmetic procedures to enhance our appearance.However, we often forget that food and drinks can be quite more powerful instrument for beautification than any therapy at the beauty salons.

People say “You are what you eat”. It is important for us to look at the food as a means for health improvement and not to select it according to the quantity of calories. The first and most important step in achievement of healthy skin is to feed the body with the proper food.

That is why our first 5 recommendations for flawless skin are directly related with the good nutritional regime:

1. Avoid the frequent consumption of fresh milk. This can provoke the appearance of acne!

2. There are no “super” foods for instant perfect skin but there is no better “food” for skin than water as well!Hydration delays the onset of wrinkles,returns skin elasticity and eliminates the scars that often appear after pimples.Drink water as much as possible throughout the day.

3. Eat more fish. Fish is exclusively rich in omega 3-fatty acids which help the body and skin to be healthy, fresh and with enviable glow.

4. The excessive consumption of sugar, sweet products and alcohol damage not only the skin but your whole body. Honey is one good alternative to sweets. Two spoons of honey increase the levels of antioxidants that stimulate health in the body.

5. And last but not least –the skin always reacts to stress–from the appearance of pimples, rashes and spots to redness and drying. One easy way to cope with stress is to sleep not less than 8 hours to avoid the appearance of skin problems. When we haven’t slept enough, the skin betrays us at one –it looks tired, without gloss,the shadows under the eyes are enormous, and the wrinkles are definitely deeper.

After we have given our body the proper foods, vitamins, more water and a big dose of sleep, then follow a few simple cosmetic tricks that will make your skin flawless!

See what they are:

Every morning:


1. Cleaning – We start the day with face cleaning. The Ultra Gentle Cleaning gel Renora Pure Skin is an exclusively tender product, with innovative sulphate-free formula which clean the skin perfectly without drying it. You can create yours according to the skin type – dry, oily, combined or normal and to choose personally its ingredients.

2. Hydration–The morning hydration will protect our skin from the aggressive influences of the environment – the wind, sun, polluted air in the city. Besides that, the application of the morning face cream will provide us with more elasticity and freshness during the days. For women with oily skin we shall add that not all oily skins need moisturizing cream but every skin needs hydration. We advise that you choose a cream with few but qualitative ingredients according to the type and problems of your skin. The personal cream Renora will be whatever you wish. We render to you the pleasure to create it but do not forget, if you are above 25 years, that your skin needs an additional dose of collagen and hyaluron. Add them to the cream Renora for apparently younger and fresher skin.

Every evening:

1. Cleaning – The regular cleaning is extremely important for the beautiful skin, especially for the women who make up every day. Always clean your make-up before the application of the evening face cream. The specific texture of the Cleaning gel Renora Pure Skin does not contain drying agents, parabens, phthalates which allows it to remove make-up extremely easy, leaving the skin vital and stunningly renewed!

2. Nourishing and regeneration– After the evening facial cleaning, the skin needs more nutritional substance to recover from the stress during the day. That is why the night cream must contain powerful regenerating and stimulating ingredients which penetrate deeply and stimulate collagen production. Those are the nourishing natural oils from Avocado, Argan and Macadamia. Few drops from them in the personal night cream Renora are a true elixir for the skin!

The beautiful and healthy skin was never achievable that easy!


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