Normal skin

Rarely do you find yourself having pimples and comedones, enlarged pores or red spots and your skin looks healthy and hydrated.

Young Woman with Clean Fresh Skin.The normal skin type is naturally considered the ideal type. It is the standard for which every one of us strives for by using different cosmetic products. It is not too oily, nor too dry, and doesn’t create any discomfort or react to outside factors.

What can we do to better our condition?

Even though you are among the few lucky winners with normal type of skin, you should not forget to keep it hydrated and nourished on a regular basis. Clean your skin well and keep it protected from the various weather conditions, which can lead to its premature aging. As every organ in our body, our skin may be healthy but it still needs to be taken care of in order to stay that way. We should nourish it moderately with oils and always keep it hydrated, because hydration is essential for our body and skin. In order to keep our skin youngish and wrinkle-free, we should supply it with moderate amounts of vitamins and nourishing agents.

What to avoid?

Carefree Young Woman With Suncream On Face At BeachEven the most perfect of skins needs to stay protected from the harmful effects of the sun, the wind, the aggressive chemicals, the modern-day-man unhealthy diet and smoking. Don’t also forget to carefully monitor your skin, as it tends to change during the course of time and so do its needs.

Oily skin

Your skin shines, has enlarged and rather visible pores and is prone to potential pimples and comedones.

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Oily skin is a direct result of the overproduction of sebum. One’s face and back are most prone to this condition. If we are to characterize oily skin we would pin down the following 2 criteria – shiny, enlarged and visible pores. Oily skin can, however, be caused by a number of factors such as smoking, a genetic predisposition, hormone imbalance, stress, weather changes or contamination of the skin itself.

Oily skin is most likely to affect the so-called T zone (forehead, nose, chin). Often oily skin comes along with an oily scalp. If you have both oily skin and acne, it is highly advisable that you schedule a consultation with a dermatologist. Another situation worth consulting for is the combination of oily skin + excessive body hair, as it may be a sign of potential hormone imbalances.

What can you do to better your condition?

Spa settingIt is essential that you hydrate your skin even if it’s oily. In order to do that you should opt in for using creams with only the softest of textures, which will not tire out your skin. It is advisable that you choose creams, containing natural rose oil, tea tree or thyme extracts, which are to regulate the excessive overproduction of sebum as well as properly hydrate and soften your skin. Aloe also has a superbly pleasant effect on skin that is prone to acne and becoming oily. The ideal scenario is for you to enrich your cream with an active ingredient, which would help regulate the production of sebum. One such ingredient is It cuts down sebum production levels and hyperkeratosis, and also curbs down inflammation and bacteria. Ac.Net has Oleanolicacidинхибира 5-αreductase, which is the main culprit responsible for battling hyperseborrhea. It also contains NDGA, which is a cell growth regulator, and thus inhibits hyperkeratosis and inflammation. The presence of an osmotic gel curbs bacterial secretion.

What to avoid?

One important thing worth noting is that oily skin is rather sensitive and extremely prone to the effect of outside factors such as nutrients, weather conditions and stress. Stray away from products containing large amounts of fats and sugar, which contribute for the excessive secretion of oil by your skin. Be sure to clean your face every morning and every night in order to get rid of the excess sebum and contaminants. Warm water has a pleasant effect upon oily skin, as it removes a large amount of the unnecessary oil factor. You can use exfoliation products 3-4 times a week, but be extremely careful with the problematic zones of your face mentioned above. The exfoliates that are too aggressive can cause additional aggravation of your condition. During the winter months, it is advisable that you do a few peel procedures in order to reduce the pores and excessive oiliness.

Mixed skin

Your skin is prone to becoming oily at the T zone (forehead, nose and chin).

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The combined skin type includes two types of skin and is characterized by excessive oiliness of the T zone and a dry-to-normal cheek skin. This type of skin is rather hard to deal with, as it combines to different courses of treatment. It is this that calls for the use of an adapted product and especially delicate care.

It is important to note, that during the course of time often this skin type transitions into a dry one type.


What can you do to better your condition?

This skin type is the hardest to treat, as it requires two very different courses of treatment. You should opt in for hydrates that contain ingredients intended for use on sensitive skin, and which have a pleasant effect on both oily and dry skin. It is mandatory to use hyaluronic acid, vitamins, bisabolol, rice extract and Aloe Vera.

What to avoid?

A large number of women accept their combined skin type to be normal and do not treat it any different. This is a terrible mistake to make, as this skin type requires extra special care. Exfoliate your skin one or two times per week, but try and avoid cleansing masks that may be too aggressive.

Dry skin

Your skin peels and has dry spots on it, some places are thicken or red. Your pores almost invisible.

beautiful womanDry skin has lack of lipids ,or with other words – luck of sebum, which hardens its moisturizing. So that kind of skin has to be nourished before hydrating. Dry skin is very dry, when you touch it, peels , strains and you do not feel very comfortable. It is very important to make difference between the genetically dry skins from the physiologically one, which conditions may vary from the climate, or from eating habits. There are pathological cases as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

How to help?

Caring for the dry skin , begins from its cleaning, as it is recommended to use cleaning milk than micellar water. Create yourself rich nourishing cream , which contain a lot of natural oils, Vitamins, urea and hyaluronic acid. This cream will moisturize, nourish and helps to keep the water in the skin. The natural oils from Maccadamia, Shea , Argan, Baobab and Avocado are recommended. They have very strong anti- oxidant effect, regenerate well and hydrate your skin deeply.

If you have dry skin , the best things to keep it in a good condition are : nourishing and hydrating , as here we have to ways : reducing the luck of the trans-epidermal moisture, or do not permit your skin to evaporate too much water and additional hydrating .It is required for the creams to contain many oils and moisturizing components. The urea and the hyaluronic acid, as a part of our body , are a very important part of the creams for dry skin, because through the years , their quantity in the body reduses a lot.

Avocado with leaves and jar of green oil. black background


If you have dry skin do not use soaps, cleaning foams and other drying products. It is recommended to wash your face with cool water. Hot water ,washes the grease faster, which dries the skin too.After washing do not leave the water to get dry on the skin, but use a soft towel to dry it. The exfoliating products remove the dead cell, which allows deep hydration of your skin. But you have to know that the abrasives may irritate the dry skin, so you can use these products only once a week.

Sensitive skin

You often have spots, skin bumps or peeling. Your skin is extremely dry, and with a redness tendency.

Closeup of.The sensitive skin, reacts very violently to the external conditions – dirt, hot and cold weather, wind and etc. The sensitivity may be the same for dry, oily and mixed skin. Sensitive skin has the tendency to become red, mainly on the cheeks, and can cause a feeling of itching or burning. If you take medicines, the stress or the incorrect choice of cosmetics, may provoke bad symptoms.

Sensitive skin is very reactive, so we can care very carefully about it.

How to help ourselves?

polezniFirst, you have to be very careful with the products that you use – they have to be without perfume. The perfumes are one of the main reasons of the skin irritating. Sensitive skin very often is allergic and do not tolerate many of the chosen products. You can have allergic from every ingredient, not because this ingredient is harmful and unsuitable, but your immune system reacts at this way. Don’t worry, it is not a big problem, because in the area of cosmetics, there so many ingredients that you can choose alone, and do not use these, that you have already had allergic from.

Many things are good for your skin – Vitamins, natural oils, the hyaluronic acid ,the urea, alantoin, the natural extracts as Bisabolol. For example, the ingredient PhytoDefence® Soy oil and Magnolia extract, reduce a lot the neurogenic irritation and redness after a mechanical pressure of the skin. LycoMega ,100 % active natural ingredient, prevents the derma cells from the stressful atmosphere conditions ( dirt, wind, sun) and it is a very strong antioxidant. It contains Likopen, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which decrease the synthesis of prostaglandini and other inflammatory substances.


Use exfoliating and cleaning products, which contain alcohol,acid and aggressive masks, which can damage your skin.

You have to wash your face with cool water and wipe dry with a soft towel. Do not forget before sleeping , to put rich cream, which can both calm and moisture your skin. Even when you are sleeping , your skin continues to “work”. Use gentle movements, when you apply the cream.

Do not stretch your skin and do not be rude with it in no way.

Baobab oil

Baobab oil contains large amounts of vitamin A, D, E and F, beta-carotene, amino acids, tartaric acid, omega 3, 6 and 9 necessary for healthy skin. Highly moisturizes the skin and restores epithelial tissues, improves tone and elasticity of the skin.

Bueaty rules to Live by!

We, the women, spend loads of money for cosmetic procedures to enhance our appearance.However, we often forget that food and drinks can be quite more powerful instrument for beautification than any therapy at the beauty salons.

People say “You are what you eat”. It is important for us to look at the food as a means for health improvement and not to select it according to the quantity of calories. The first and most important step in achievement of healthy skin is to feed the body with the proper food.

That is why our first 5 recommendations for flawless skin are directly related with the good nutritional regime:

1. Avoid the frequent consumption of fresh milk. This can provoke the appearance of acne!

2. There are no “super” foods for instant perfect skin but there is no better “food” for skin than water as well!Hydration delays the onset of wrinkles,returns skin elasticity and eliminates the scars that often appear after pimples.Drink water as much as possible throughout the day.

3. Eat more fish. Fish is exclusively rich in omega 3-fatty acids which help the body and skin to be healthy, fresh and with enviable glow.

4. The excessive consumption of sugar, sweet products and alcohol damage not only the skin but your whole body. Honey is one good alternative to sweets. Two spoons of honey increase the levels of antioxidants that stimulate health in the body.

5. And last but not least –the skin always reacts to stress–from the appearance of pimples, rashes and spots to redness and drying. One easy way to cope with stress is to sleep not less than 8 hours to avoid the appearance of skin problems. When we haven’t slept enough, the skin betrays us at one –it looks tired, without gloss,the shadows under the eyes are enormous, and the wrinkles are definitely deeper.

After we have given our body the proper foods, vitamins, more water and a big dose of sleep, then follow a few simple cosmetic tricks that will make your skin flawless!

See what they are:

Every morning:


1. Cleaning – We start the day with face cleaning. The Ultra Gentle Cleaning gel Renora Pure Skin is an exclusively tender product, with innovative sulphate-free formula which clean the skin perfectly without drying it. You can create yours according to the skin type – dry, oily, combined or normal and to choose personally its ingredients.

2. Hydration–The morning hydration will protect our skin from the aggressive influences of the environment – the wind, sun, polluted air in the city. Besides that, the application of the morning face cream will provide us with more elasticity and freshness during the days. For women with oily skin we shall add that not all oily skins need moisturizing cream but every skin needs hydration. We advise that you choose a cream with few but qualitative ingredients according to the type and problems of your skin. The personal cream Renora will be whatever you wish. We render to you the pleasure to create it but do not forget, if you are above 25 years, that your skin needs an additional dose of collagen and hyaluron. Add them to the cream Renora for apparently younger and fresher skin.

Every evening:

1. Cleaning – The regular cleaning is extremely important for the beautiful skin, especially for the women who make up every day. Always clean your make-up before the application of the evening face cream. The specific texture of the Cleaning gel Renora Pure Skin does not contain drying agents, parabens, phthalates which allows it to remove make-up extremely easy, leaving the skin vital and stunningly renewed!

2. Nourishing and regeneration– After the evening facial cleaning, the skin needs more nutritional substance to recover from the stress during the day. That is why the night cream must contain powerful regenerating and stimulating ingredients which penetrate deeply and stimulate collagen production. Those are the nourishing natural oils from Avocado, Argan and Macadamia. Few drops from them in the personal night cream Renora are a true elixir for the skin!

The beautiful and healthy skin was never achievable that easy!

The Asian secret for a beautiful skin

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Asian women are known for their delicate beauty. The great secret to which they owe their young and healthy skin is an ancient technique of massage originating in India and the Far East. For centuries Asian facial massage has been a major tool for fightingthe aging of the skin. Often neglected in the West, massage is one of the most important steps in everyday skin care of each Asian woman. It improves the elasticity and health of the skin, rejuvenates it and stimulates blood circulation in the epidermis.

The easy self-massage, that we will show you, has an excellent rejuvenating and refreshing effect. The fine wrinkles are smooth, the skin becomes fresh and delicate, relieves the puffiness and removes the bags under the eyes. The stunning effect is achieved thanks to the stimulation of magical “beauty points”.

The technique is also suitable for treating acne. There is a huge amount of acupuncture points on the face, the stimulation of which is the best assistant in the fight against this problem. Thanks to this massage, you will be able to keep your skin healthy, toned and above all young. Massage can prevent not only aging, it also recharges with good mood and creates a sense of mental and physical comfort.


Before starting the self-massage:

Play relaxing music, breathe deeply and breathe out.

  1. Bind your hair in order to avoid hindering during the procedure.
  2. Clean your face thoroughly. Gently remove the make-up with toilet milk or micellar water and wash the face with your favorite face cleanser.
  3. Last but not least – wash your hands thoroughly. They will be your main “tool” during the procedure.

Turn each of the 3 steps of cleansing the face and applying cream to a relaxing spa-ritual, your 10-minute tranquility. You can make the massage in the morning or in the evening, several times a week, and, whenever is possible, every day.

Here are our extremely efficient massage techniques that you can apply tonight:

Lifting of the forehead:

Benefits: Smooths and stops the appearance of fine horizontal and vertical wrinkles in the forehead area. Gently relaxes the tension in the fore muscles by acupuncture.

1. Clench fists. Place the knuckles on the middle and the ring finger in the center of the forehead and press gently.
2. Continue pressing, slowly sliding your fingers toward the temples.
3. Press gently on both ends of the temples and release.
4. Repeat 5-6 times.

Lifting of the neckline and neck:

Benefits: Removes and prevents the appearance of a so-called ‘double’ chin and flabby skin in the neck and jaw area.

1. Try to touch your right ear with your lips. Stretch them to the maximum so that you feel tension in your left cheek.
2. Hold your lips in this position and tilt your head diagonally to the left.
3. Hold for 3 seconds and release. Repeat 5-6 times.
4. Do the exercise on your left side. Repeat 5-6 times again.

It is important to accomplish the moves very slowly, so that you feel stretching the muscles in this area.

Face lifting:

Benefits: Smooths the nasolabial lines (mimic wrinkles in the area of the nose and mouth) and stretches the muscles around the eyes and cheekbones.


1. Put your palms on your temples and press gently.
2. While pressing, move your hands up as far as possible, stretching the two ends of the face.
3. Open the mouth in the form of a letter ”O”. While in this posture, stretch your chin down to the bottom (imagine that you touch your neck with your chin).
4. Hold for 5 seconds and then release. Repeat the exercise 3-4 times.

Eye lifting

Benefits: Lifts the floppy eyelids and smooths the wrinkles in the eye contour.


1. Stand up and relax your shoulders. Raise your right hand and touch your left temple over your head.
2. Gently press and bend your head to the far right. The important thing in this exercise is to keep your back and shoulders straight.
3. Hold this position as you breathe air through the mouth.
4. Repeat 4-5 times. Do the exercise for the left side of the face.

Complete the procedure with ear-massage.

Warm your hands by vigorously rubbing them together. Cover your ears with your palms by placing your fingers behind your neck. Rub the ears with slight circular moves. Wipe the entire area of the ear shell. You should not feel pain or discomfort. Massage for 1-2 minutes.
Active massage increases the overall tone of the nervous system, mobilizes the internal reserves and forces of the body and removes fatigue.

For silky white skin MELASLOW™


To be a bronze tanned babe or a white porcelain-like princess is merely a choice or a birth-given fact. If Mother Nature has gifted you with bright hair and eyes along with
the softest skin imaginable, then it is highly unlikely for you to ever have that Baywatch tan. There’s some truth to the statement, that although highly improbable, it is still
possible, but at the cost of countless of hours spent at the tanning salon or at the beach. And according to the latest findings of the World Health Organization, this could turn out
to be quite harmful to your skin. Excessive sun exposure without the presence of any sun protecting lotion can cause the skin to age, accelerate the oxidative-reduction processes
and lead to skin cancer.

So, dear ladies, be natural, accept your true selves and try and emphasize your uniqueness.

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The unbelievable regenerating features of the stem cells PhytoCellTec™ Argan and skin with 26 % less wrinkles!

Botttle of Moroccan Argan oil and nuts

Every person wants to be young, beautiful, with a perfect skin and confidence. There are a lot of ways to achieve that: balanced eating, healthy life, surgery and cosmetics. There are a lot of advantages from every example, but the right combination between them is the most important. There are a lot of ingredients in the cosmetic, which can remove wrinkles, compact the structure of the skin, regeneration and rejuvenation. One of them is PhytoCellTec™ Argan. These are stem cells extracted from Argan tree.

The medicine has found a cure for many illnesses and for regeneration of the body, the miracle effect of the stem cells. The stem cell is a cell which has the ability to divide (renewing itself) for unlimited period of time, often during the whole life of an organism. In some conditions or under the influence of specific signals, the stem cell may differentiate into various cells that make up the body.
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