Step 1

What is your skin type?
What are your skin problems?

Step 2

Have you got flaking or cracking on different areas of your skin?
Define the level of skin dryness:
Do you feel your skin very tighten and stretched?
How often do you need to hydrate your face?

Step 3

Have you got brown spots and pigmentations?
Is your skin sensitive to freckles, moles, pigmented spots?
Have you got dark circles under the eyes?

Step 4

What is your skin reaction, when it is under stress and to the climate changes? (cold, wind, sunlight)?
How does your skin react when you use a new product?
Are you prone to skin allergies?
Have you often got red spots on your neck and face?

Step 5

What is the degree of your wrinkles?
Do you feel your skin mature and relaxed?
In which area of your face, are the wrinkles in?
Do you feel your skin tired, without shine?
Define the level of your skin elasticity?

Step 6

How often have you got spots?
How does your skin look like in the morning?
Is your skin often prone to spots?
What is your skin pores?

Step 7

What type of cream do you like to have?
Would you like a perfume into your cream?
Would you like your cream to be with UV-factor?
Illuminated particles and pigments