Dry skin

Your skin peels and has dry spots on it, some places are thicken or red. Your pores almost invisible.

beautiful womanDry skin has lack of lipids ,or with other words – luck of sebum, which hardens its moisturizing. So that kind of skin has to be nourished before hydrating. Dry skin is very dry, when you touch it, peels , strains and you do not feel very comfortable. It is very important to make difference between the genetically dry skins from the physiologically one, which conditions may vary from the climate, or from eating habits. There are pathological cases as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

How to help?

Caring for the dry skin , begins from its cleaning, as it is recommended to use cleaning milk than micellar water. Create yourself rich nourishing cream , which contain a lot of natural oils, Vitamins, urea and hyaluronic acid. This cream will moisturize, nourish and helps to keep the water in the skin. The natural oils from Maccadamia, Shea , Argan, Baobab and Avocado are recommended. They have very strong anti- oxidant effect, regenerate well and hydrate your skin deeply.

If you have dry skin , the best things to keep it in a good condition are : nourishing and hydrating , as here we have to ways : reducing the luck of the trans-epidermal moisture, or do not permit your skin to evaporate too much water and additional hydrating .It is required for the creams to contain many oils and moisturizing components. The urea and the hyaluronic acid, as a part of our body , are a very important part of the creams for dry skin, because through the years , their quantity in the body reduses a lot.

Avocado with leaves and jar of green oil. black background


If you have dry skin do not use soaps, cleaning foams and other drying products. It is recommended to wash your face with cool water. Hot water ,washes the grease faster, which dries the skin too.After washing do not leave the water to get dry on the skin, but use a soft towel to dry it. The exfoliating products remove the dead cell, which allows deep hydration of your skin. But you have to know that the abrasives may irritate the dry skin, so you can use these products only once a week.


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