Face mask – effective long-lasting care! Mission possible!

Why not disregard this step in our weekly beauty ritual

Should everyone use a face mask? Of course! They are the excellent means for intensive treatment of a certain skin problem. Each skin care includes daily and weekly steps. Face masks are very important and should be part of every woman’s weekly beautifying ritual.

In addition to maintaining skin for a long time, thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients, the face mask also enhances the effect of other cosmetic products several times. Here are some of the most important benefits these specialized products can do for your skin:

  • Shiny skin and even complexion
  • Slow down the aging process and energize the skin
  • Stimulate regeneration
  • Deeply moisturise and reduce wrinkles
  • Activate and soothe the skin

To feel these effects on your face too, you must use a mask at least once a week or more frequently, depending on your skin needs. The variety of this type of products is great, but according to their purpose and effect we can divide them into 2 groups:

  • According to their composition and effect on the skin:

– Moisturizing:  When your skin is tired or dry, moisturizing masks are the best helper. They are especially effective after prolonged exposure to the sun. Regardless of skin type, moisturizing masks can be used daily, thus restoring moisture levels and maintaining the elasticity of the epidermis. Renora’s personal 15 minute face mask with cucumber, aloe and hyaluronic acid is perfect for refreshing and revitalizing.

– Nourishing:  Nourishing masks are intended for skin prone to aging that has started to lose its tone and density. The purpose of these types of masks is to enrich and improve the metabolism in the cell, as well as to preserve the youthful and fresh appearance of the skin for as long as possible. The Renora Personal Nourishing Mask formula can contain Jojoba, Shea, and Almond natural oils that regenerate and restructure the skin, slowing down the aging processes. It’s a good idea to start using nourishing masks as soon as you notice the first wrinkles and fine lines.

– Cleaning:  We all hate clogged pores! And if the contamination is allowed to accumulate and penetrate deep into the skin, it creates a prerequisite for the development of many inflammatory processes and bacteria. Cleaning face masks will solve this problem out. Their main ingredient is clay. It effectively removes the accumulated impurities and normalizes excessive oiling. Even if you clean your skin daily, only a concentrated mask can cleanse the skin in depth and remove the dead cells that have accumulated on its surface. The Sumac, Nettle and Tea Tree Cleansing Mask is an extremely powerful weekly detoxifying agent that will make your skin breathe and help to open pores. You can use this type of mask twice a week or more often if needed.

– Soothing: Soothing masks are extremely gentle and successfully care for delicate, sensitive skin, smoothing out complexion and soothing irritations. Sensitive skins have a weaker protective barrier and respond to more aggressive external influences. The purpose of this type of mask is to enhance the skin’s defences and maintain its balance. Their strengthening action restores the hydrolipid layer, eliminates redness and reduces irritation. They are used once or twice a week as your skin desires.

  • According to the consistency and concentration of the active substances:

– Fast (10-15 minute mask): Masks applied on the skin for a shorter period are great when you need instant refreshment. They have an almost instant beautifying effect and save a lot of time. They are suitable for younger skin, are lighter, and their formula allows them to be absorbed and soaked faster. Their purpose is daily use to quickly cleanse, moisturize or soothe the skin.

– Night mask: Ladies who look after their flawless appearance most often resort to night masks because of their powerful complex effect. During sleep, while resting, the body releases damaging toxins and at the same time is saturated with oxygen. Thanks to this natural process, we wake up rested and fresh. Night face masks have the highest concentration of active ingredients, so night hours are the best time for deep face recovery and skin care.

And to top it all – some tips from our specialists:

– Regardless of skin type, each mask should be applied to a well-cleaned face beforehand.

– If you want to contribute to the effectiveness of all other skin care products, then a face mask is a must. Regular use will not only protect, tone and refresh your skin, but will also provide much faster results than other daily cosmetic rituals.

If you still doubt whether to use face masks regularly, create your own personal mask from Renora Cosmetics and enjoy the luxurious feeling of beautiful and healthy skin!


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