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Do I have to do a registration, to make an order?

No, it is not .The registration is because of the better service and to facilitate the order. You do it once and after that you can shop easier, you can track your orders and receive information for our new offers and sales.

How can I make an order?

You can make an order on-line as a guest or as a registered user in our website. To make an order without a registration is necessary to fill in a form at the end of your order: name and surname, address for delivery, phone number and e-mail.

What is the delivery time?

The order execution is up to 7 working days. The delivery time of the order – depends on the schedule and the tariffs of Econt Express Ltd., the days and the working hours in which the employees of the company work. The order is delivered packed, depending on its kind and the transport of delivery.

Do you deliver products abroad?

A delivery is possible to every place in the world, and the price depends on the tariffs of the delivery company in each country.

Can I make changes on my order?

After you have sent the order, it is automatically accepted by our agent. So, changes are not desirable. If you consider that a change is needed, please contact us immediately, not later than 3 hours after the sending.

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Payment methods

Contact Us

If you have any other questions, The Renora team is on e-mail: [email protected] or phone number 0887 000 909


The gift card is an official document, certifying the right of the holder to receive a cosmetic product from renoracosmetics.com, under the following conditions: Renora cosmetics accept gift cards from their holders, deducting the value of the gift card from the chosen cosmetic product. In order the value is lower than the nominal value; the difference is not refundable in cash. When the value of the purchase is higher than the nominal value, the holder pays the difference. We accept only valid Gift cards (not damaged, torn, fake or expired). When you buy a gift card, you have to pay its value and the delivery to the address.
    • The validity of the gift card is ONE year from the date which is on it. Gift cards without date are invalid.
    • You cannot give the gift card to other person.
  • A damaged gift card is invalid.
  • The gift card cannot be changed with its money equivalent.
  • The validity of the Gift card is one year and it cannot be prolonged.
  • The holder of the gift card can use it only once in our website – renoracosmetics.com
  If you have any other questions, The Renora team is on e-mail: [email protected] or phone number 0887 000 909.

Payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • bank transfer
  • Cash on delivery

You receive:

  • To your e-mail, you receive electronic card with an unique code and a name of the holder.
  • You have to write the name of the holder into the “Special conditions” field.
  • The holder has to fill in the code, in the “Special conditions “field when he/she makes an order.

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