Renora Cosmetics – The Art of Creating

Here is the future of cosmetics – Personalized facial skincare products developed to match your needs and preferences.

Renora’s history begins with the search for the perfect facial skincare. For years, the brand’s founder had tried to find suitable cosmetics for her sensitive skin. Many failed attempts later, there came the idea of a personalized skincare product – a facial cream with several natural active ingredients. The inspiration and the excitement of the superb results and effectiveness of the product gave birth to Renora – first of its kind personalized cosmetics. 

Developed via a new scientific approach – a personalized recipe for each client and skin type, Renora Cosmetics is for everyone looking for the ideal cosmetic formula and facing every day the challenge to discover the product that suits their skin. 

What is behind the magic of the brand Renora?

Each Renora product is the outcome of the joint efforts of professionals, whose work requires great diligence, innumerable tests, skin diagnostics and specific ingredients so as to give the desired result. 

The texture of a cosmetic product is of no less importance than its ingredients. Different consistencies are developed for the different skin types according to their needs – thick white cream for the dry and dehydrated skin, creamy serum for the oily and combined skin, fine soft cream for the sensitive skin… These are only few of the secrets of Renora – developed exclusively and only for you!

Every personalized recipe is a special creation, resulting from the close collaboration with experienced dermatologists and cosmetic experts. Unlike the standard cosmetic formulas in the sales network, Renora’s products are prepared on the instant, according to the client’s order.

How is a Renora product created?

The creation process is personalized and aims at meeting fully the requirements of each client. After the user answers the questions of Renora’s virtual dermatologist, the completed questionnaire goes to the laboratory, where a unique profile of the user’s skin type is made. This profile determines the consistency of the desired product, its formulation, the emulsification, as well as the emollients and oils to be used. Of importance for the creation process are the client’s gender and age and how they see their skin type – as oily, dry, normal or combined.  

Using their long experience and extensive knowledge, our specialists prepare manually step by step every personalized product. After the desired raw materials and preservatives are carefully combined and precisely mixed, the product undergoes a series of microbiological and physicochemical tests. The modern equipment in the laboratory of Renora Cosmetics enables an optimized production process of up to 48 hours.

A pre-production sample of every personalized cosmetic product is kept as a “guarantee” of the quality and efficacy of the formulation.

Renora’s team treats every product as strictly individual and unique, created with care, elegant precision and extensive scientific knowledge and skills.

Renora Cosmetics uses active ingredients of the highest class and 100% natural oils of organic plants that have been subject to constant control so as to retain their vitamins and to preserve their antioxidant qualities. Every ingredient is carefully selected – from its scent to its specific nourishing, regenerative or calming effect. The company has a specialized laboratory in the city of Plovdiv, where a team of specialists create the magic of personalized cosmetics. The products and ingredients of the cosmetic brand Renora contain NO parabens, artificial color additives or perfumes. They are not tested on animals and are produced without use of genetically modified organisms.

Renora Cosmetics combines science and aesthetics to achieve a single goal – beauty, health and satisfaction! This is the brand’s motto.

Personal products of Renora Cosmetics


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