For Renora

Be an artist of healthy, beautiful and youthful skin!

The story of RENORA was born because of the searching of a perfect cosmetic for face. RENORA is made for everyone , who during the years ,search the ideal formula of ingredients , and every day is faced in front of the challenge to find suitable product for his/her sensitive skin. For everyone, who is decisive to find his/her cream, if can’t do that – to create it! RENORA is not only an innovative, qualified and perfect cosmetic, it is much more! RENORA gives you the freedom to choose, change and to do experiments, to be unique, the only and the one! To be yourself! The RENORA products are made only for you , as they give you the right to create what you want and have a need of!

For anyone who is determined to find her cream if not – create it.

RENORA is very qualified cosmetics, with established active ingredients due to the best standards of quality. Their effectiveness is clinically tested in the most advanced laboratories. In vitro and in vivo tests are made. Artificial colorings and aromas are not used. The products and the ingredients are not tested on animals and genetically modified organisms are not used in their manufacturing.

The basic, and the most important component in the cosmetic – the water, is obtained by special system of filtration. It acts on the principle of the natural purification of the biological cell – the principle of the reverse osmosis. The water is filtrated without chemicals, in order to give the best for your skin. The preservative system is without parabens, guarantees a perfect skin tolerance; luck of irritation and at the same time, absolute pureness and safety of the product. In the RENORA cosmetics are used 100 % natural oils from ecologically pure plants, which are permanently tasted in order to preserve the vitamins and to keep their antioxidant characteristics.


Each ingredient is carefully chosen from our specialists for its regenerating, calming or nourishing characteristics. The result is a product with moisturizing, anti-oxidant and calming effect, which gives a real reviving action on your body and soul. The best advantage of the RENORA cosmetics is that it is consistent totally with the needs of your skin and gives it everything that it has a need of, following your wishes and recommendations. The RENORA philosophy is simple: individual recipe for each customer, according to his/her needs and preferences, all the ingredients can be combined each other, for a fast absorption and a maximum effective action of the product on your skin.