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To be a bronze tanned babe or a white porcelain-like princess is merely a choice or a birth-given fact. If Mother Nature has gifted you with bright hair and eyes along with
the softest skin imaginable, then it is highly unlikely for you to ever have that Baywatch tan. There’s some truth to the statement, that although highly improbable, it is still
possible, but at the cost of countless of hours spent at the tanning salon or at the beach. And according to the latest findings of the World Health Organization, this could turn out
to be quite harmful to your skin. Excessive sun exposure without the presence of any sun protecting lotion can cause the skin to age, accelerate the oxidative-reduction processes
and lead to skin cancer.

So, dear ladies, be natural, accept your true selves and try and emphasize your uniqueness.

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Unfortunately when it comes to lighter skin complexions, time may turn out to be a bigger enemy than expected. With the passing years, you may begin noticing pigment spots or an overall darker skin tone.

There are a lot of causes regarding the above-mentioned problems, such as hormone problems, intake of certain medications, metabolic problems, aging or excessive sun exposure.

It sure is nice to have silky white skin, but what do you do when pigment spots appear?

The answer is simple: Apply cosmetics containing vitamins and minerals that negate the appearance of such pigment spots. One such is MELASLOW™.

MELASLOW is extracted from pure Japanese tangerines and contributes for your skin’s melanin synthesis thus lessening the amount of monophenol monooxygenase, which is directly responsible for the synthesis of the former.

In vitro measurements demonstrated that MELASLOW is responsible for reducing monophenol monooxygenase inhibition rates by 46% as well as for decreasing melanin levels by 50%.

Twenty Caucasian volunteers enrolled in a study, according to which they applied a MELASLOW cream 2 times a day for a duration of 6 weeks. With the use of a mexameter it was subsequently concluded that there was a 28% reduction of the pigment spots’ intensity. 71% of the enrolled participants themselves testified that there was indeed such a reduction.

Using MELASLOW as a whitening agent is absolutely harmless and not only lessers the appearance of pigment spots, but also leads to a healthy and clean skin that will be protected from the reoccurrence of any potential subsequent pigments spots.
By using MELASLOW you will be able to deal once and for all with those nasty pigment spots that have been bothering you, and you will have that youngish look of your 20s once again!
MELASLOW is not only a gift to your skin, it is also a potent booster to your confidence as a woman, as beauty as we all know equals power!


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