Gentle Hands

Here are some basic tips on how to have the fine and tender hands that you deserve:

  • 1.Use hand cream daily – Make it part of your beauty routine. Place it near your bed and apply it every evening before sleep – thus you will wake up with velvety hands. At night the skin gets regenerated, and we could make use of this process by applying a cream with nourishing oils and extracts that not only help protect the skin, but also keep it moisturized.
  • Avoid washing your hands with water that is too cold or hot – If the water is too cold, it makes the capillaries first shrink and then expand, which leads to skin redness. If the water is too hot, it washes the sebum away and makes the skin dry. Make sure to use some soft soap and always apply cream after using disinfecting gels and preparations.
  • Massage for calm and beauty – Our hands have a powerful therapeutic effect that we could easily make use of while relaxing at home or watching TV. The massage stimulates the flow of energy, improves the blood circulation, invigorates the skin and has a positive effect on the brain and the whole body. The specialists use acupressure or reflexology techniques, but even without following any specific guidelines, you could benefit from a gentle massage:

Hand Cream Therapy

  1. For this purpose, apply hand cream, if possible one with denser and richer texture – Renora Repairing Hand & Nail Concentrate or the deeply hydrating Renora Illuminating Hydrating Hand & Nail Concentrate
  2. Rub one hand against the other, then gently spread the product along each finger by paying greater attention to the area around the nails. 
  3. With the thumb and index finger of either hand gently press the pads of each of the fingers of the other hand. 
  4. Repeat by switching the hands.  
  5. Massage the palm of either hand with the thumb of the other hand with light circular movements. This will give you a pleasant feeling of calmness and relaxation and will stimulate important points located on the inner side of the hands. 
  6. Only 2-3 minutes are sufficient to make your whole body feel relaxed. Repeat these steps whenever you feel like or need to. 
Do not forget that the healthy and beautiful skin is a woman’s best accessory!

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