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Natural sunscreen or which natural oils protect us from the sun

The sun is love, health, beauty. We all know that golden tan is the best accessory in the warm summer days! There is hardly a person who does not like the tender caress of sun rays, the chocolate tan and the flow of energy and high spirits they bring. But a healthy tan may be unattainable without specific skin care.

There are different ways of protection: using products with sun protection factor (of organic and inorganic origin) or natural products with a minimal sun protection factor that are, nevertheless, extremely beneficial to the skin. And since nature always has everything we need to take care of our health, we have selected the best natural oils with a natural protective function that, besides enhancing the long-lasting and beautiful tan, are highly beneficial to the skin:

Cocoa Butter – For centuries, cocoa butter has been an essential ingredient in natural cosmetics in warmer countries, and in addition to its beautifying properties, it also has the ability to improve the mood and body tonus. The high polyphenol content reduces the signs of aging and soothes the sensitive skin, while its fine texture makes it excellent remedy for natural treatment of eczema and dermatitis. Cocoa butter regenerates the skin, making it healthier and elastic.


Almond Oil – Almond Oil has a high vitamins A and E content that improves the complexion, moisturizes and soothes the skin. The oil is suitable for every type of skin, slowing down the aging processes and nourishing it in depth.

Avocado oil – Owing to its monounsaturated fat content, Avocado oil soothes skin inflammations and protects the upper layers of the epidermis. The oil is most widely used for its strong moisturizing properties that make the skin smooth and soft.

Shea Butter – One of the main natural oils that are used for faster and beautiful tanning of the skin. Shea butter has a moisturizing and regenerating effect. Experts also recommend it for itchy skin and scar and stretch mark removal.

Coconut oil – Its delicate aroma makes it one of the most preferable oils for the summer. Coconut oil retains moisture, hydrates and at the same time allows sun rays to penetrate deeper into the epidermis. In this way the suntan will last longer and will be more uniform.

coconut oil

The last place on our list has been reserved for our great discovery:

There is one particular type of oil that is especially beneficial both when consumed or applied on the skin. This is Chia oil.

Chia oil is extracted from Salvia Hispanica seeds by pressing. This oil has the richest known plant source of Omega 3 fatty acids (63%).

For centuries, the Incas and the ancient Mayan civilization of South America used the incredible therapeutic and sunscreen properties of chia. Chia was a sacred food for the Mayans, in whose language the word chia meant “strength”. Chia seeds were always worn by warriors to give them stamina and strength. Applied to the skin, the oil protected them from the strong sun rays.

Extremely high levels of phytonutrients: PUFA (60% Omega-3 and 20% Omega-6), vitamins A and antioxidant agents. Some of the strongest antioxidants contained in the oil are: phytosterols, flavanoids, phenoxy acids, tocopherols (vitamin E, especially Y-Tocopherols) and other polyphenolic antioxidants.

Chia oil has not only a sunscreen effect but also reduces the loss of epidermal moisture by 15.2%. It increases skin elasticity by 15.1%, reduces redness by 21.7% and skin discomfort caused by adverse environmental conditions and lack of moisture and lipids by 28%.

Tests have shown that owing to the content of natural UV-filters chia oil has a highly protective effect on the skin, especially on tattooed skin. In addition to maintaining colour intensity, the oil protects and hydrates tattooed areas.

It is important to note that all natural oils listed have a low sun protection and do not protect us from the UVA and UVB rays. Therefore, they are not an effective substitute for sunscreen cosmetics. With care and love for our customers, we strongly recommend regular use of a sunscreen product during the summer months to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, spots, changes in the skin structure or even other more serious problems and illnesses.

Give yourself a portion of hydration, luminosity, softness and natural protection with these natural oils, but always in combination with your favourite sunscreen product!


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