Normal skin

Rarely do you find yourself having pimples and comedones, enlarged pores or red spots and your skin looks healthy and hydrated.

Young Woman with Clean Fresh Skin.The normal skin type is naturally considered the ideal type. It is the standard for which every one of us strives for by using different cosmetic products. It is not too oily, nor too dry, and doesn’t create any discomfort or react to outside factors.

What can we do to better our condition?

Even though you are among the few lucky winners with normal type of skin, you should not forget to keep it hydrated and nourished on a regular basis. Clean your skin well and keep it protected from the various weather conditions, which can lead to its premature aging. As every organ in our body, our skin may be healthy but it still needs to be taken care of in order to stay that way. We should nourish it moderately with oils and always keep it hydrated, because hydration is essential for our body and skin. In order to keep our skin youngish and wrinkle-free, we should supply it with moderate amounts of vitamins and nourishing agents.

What to avoid?

Carefree Young Woman With Suncream On Face At BeachEven the most perfect of skins needs to stay protected from the harmful effects of the sun, the wind, the aggressive chemicals, the modern-day-man unhealthy diet and smoking. Don’t also forget to carefully monitor your skin, as it tends to change during the course of time and so do its needs.


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