Intensive care for the sensitive skin of the eye contour and the lips.

The innovative RENORA SKIN GLOW eye and lip mask is specially developed to correct and prevent the ageing symptoms of eyes and lips area.

The ultra concentrated portion of natural chia, argan, jojoba, baobab and almond oils delicately and gently nourish the skin in the eye contour and visibly increase lip volume.  The high does of hyaluronic acid and plant extracts of edelweiss, goji berry, dandelion and rosemary hydrate in depth, keeping moisture in the epidermis and making the skin fresh and radiant. The botulin effect of the AGIRELINE® hexapeptide and Ichtyocollagen™ PH smooths the skin and the fine wrinkles and protects the delicate skin around the eyes and lips. The magical HALOXYL® removes the dark circles and brightens the skin around the eyes. The vitamins A and D-panthenol improve the skin texture and help recover its lustre and elasticity.

It does not contain parabens, perfume, sulphates and phthalates. The product is tested on animals.

Directions for use:  Carefully clean the area around the eyes and lips before use. Apply a thick layer of the mask on dried skin. Massage gently and leave it for at least 30 minutes or overnight. Remove with a moist cotton pad or soft cloth.

Use it 2-3 times a week or, if you wish, every evening.

Packaging: 30 ml

Manufacturer: Renora Cosmetics Ltd.




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