Day and Night
Renora Serum Set

The products in the set are:

Perfecting Duo of serums with complementary formulas

The exceptional combination of the ultra-light hydration and energizing protection of the Day Glow serum is complemented by the exquisite feel of the velvety milk Night Elixirnourishing serum for a maximum beautifying effect.

The fresh light formula of the Day Glow day serum gives the skin an instant surge of hydration and glow. The incredible natural combination of Hamamelis, Green Tea and Aloe Vera awakens and clears your complexion and at the same time protects your skin from the harmful atmospheric factors and urban pollution. The powerful active complex of Centella Asiatica, Hyaluronic Acid and Chamomile Oil ensures intense hydration, protects and restores the natural moisture balance of your skin. The magical Vitamin В3 (niacinamide) regulates the production of sebum, shrinks the pores, prevents the appearance of imperfections and helps the prevention of hyperpigmentation.

The velvety milk care of the Night Elixir night serum gives your skin maximum comfort by soothing and nourishing it thanks to the highly concentrated complex of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, D-pantenol and Bisabolol. With their regenerative power, the natural oils of Almond, Seaberry and Argan are active throughout the night to give you a noticeably younger, glowing and revitalized skin in the morning. Centella Asiatica – the herb of longevity, known for its ability to beautify the skin – provides deep hydration and fights effectively the first signs of aging.



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