Sensitive skin

You often have spots, skin bumps or peeling. Your skin is extremely dry, and with a redness tendency.

Closeup of.The sensitive skin, reacts very violently to the external conditions – dirt, hot and cold weather, wind and etc. The sensitivity may be the same for dry, oily and mixed skin. Sensitive skin has the tendency to become red, mainly on the cheeks, and can cause a feeling of itching or burning. If you take medicines, the stress or the incorrect choice of cosmetics, may provoke bad symptoms.

Sensitive skin is very reactive, so we can care very carefully about it.

How to help ourselves?

polezniFirst, you have to be very careful with the products that you use – they have to be without perfume. The perfumes are one of the main reasons of the skin irritating. Sensitive skin very often is allergic and do not tolerate many of the chosen products. You can have allergic from every ingredient, not because this ingredient is harmful and unsuitable, but your immune system reacts at this way. Don’t worry, it is not a big problem, because in the area of cosmetics, there so many ingredients that you can choose alone, and do not use these, that you have already had allergic from.

Many things are good for your skin – Vitamins, natural oils, the hyaluronic acid ,the urea, alantoin, the natural extracts as Bisabolol. For example, the ingredient PhytoDefence® Soy oil and Magnolia extract, reduce a lot the neurogenic irritation and redness after a mechanical pressure of the skin. LycoMega ,100 % active natural ingredient, prevents the derma cells from the stressful atmosphere conditions ( dirt, wind, sun) and it is a very strong antioxidant. It contains Likopen, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which decrease the synthesis of prostaglandini and other inflammatory substances.


Use exfoliating and cleaning products, which contain alcohol,acid and aggressive masks, which can damage your skin.

You have to wash your face with cool water and wipe dry with a soft towel. Do not forget before sleeping , to put rich cream, which can both calm and moisture your skin. Even when you are sleeping , your skin continues to “work”. Use gentle movements, when you apply the cream.

Do not stretch your skin and do not be rude with it in no way.


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