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Each customer must accept the terms and conditions of purchase from the website. The general terms and conditions are mandatory for all users of

General provisions:

These general terms and conditions stipulate the relations between online shop Renora Cosmetics LTD ( as the seller and the users of the website and its services as buyers. This site offers its customers the option for online purchase by ordering and paying for beauty products made with customized ingredients. It is considered that by effecting a purchase the Buyer have read and accepts the general terms and conditions of use, valid laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, all standard commercial practices in the country and additional requirements for some products.


The website is a website for sale and purchase of perfumery, cosmetics and goods; it is part of Renora Cosmetics LTD – a company registered under the Commerce Act of the Republic of Bulgaria, Unified Identification Code: 203959044, domicile and registered office: Bulgaria, Plovdiv 4000, 8 Tsar Kaloyan St., email: [email protected] . The company is registered under the VAT Act with No. BG 203959044

Supervisory bodies:

(1) Commission for Personal Data Protection Address: Sofia, 15 Ivan Evstatiev Geshov St.,
tel.: (02) 940 20 46
fax: (02) 940 36 40
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

(2) Consumer Protection Committee Address: 1000 Sofia, №4А Slaveykov Sq, fl.3, 4 and 6,
tel.: 02 / 980 25 24
fax: 02 / 988 42 18
hot line: 0700 111 22

These general terms and conditions may be changed unilaterally by the Seller any time by their update. The changes become effective immediately and are mandatory for all users/customers. Every time when using the site, customers should check for possible changes in the Website general terms and conditions.


Buyer – a person entering into sale-purchase agreement on

Seller –, part of Renora Cosmetics LTD

Customer/user – any physical or legal person and/or other legal entity using the site in any way, including but not only view it, place orders on it, buy, etc.

Contract – the distance contract between the Seller and Buyer for sale-purchase of Goods from the Website to which there general terms and conditions of use are an integral part.

Newsletter – a means of periodic information about Goods, Services and Promotions offered by the Seller; it is delivered electronically by email and does not bind the Buyer or presuppose his responsibility concerning the information contained.


Users may place an order on as guests or as registered users.
Registration is absolutely FREE. To register, choose a unique username and password and specify delivery address, name and family name, e-mail and contact phone after which your details will be stored in our database. After successful registration, the delivery address will be stored by the system and you will be able to see previous orders. After placing an order, a letter containing the number and date of order as well as its content will be sent to the e-mail address specified by you. This is a confirmation of successfully registered order. After you receive it we will contact you at the specified by you email or phone for confirmation and clarification of delivery conditions. Pressing the Order button, you complete an online statement pursuant to the Electronic documents and Electronic Signatures Act and thus confirm you are informed of these General Terms and Conditions and accept them.


To order online, first pass the online diagnostics tool or manually select the desired ingredients. After that, by clicking the End button, the user is transferred to the order completion page. There, the desired delivery address must be entered and the payment procedure must be selected. After order completion, the buyer will receive a confirmation email.

The goods ordered from our online shop are delivered by our partner courier company at the address specified in the order. Delivery is possible to all addresses on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria where Econt Express LTD is able to carry out delivery.

The exact shipping charges for internetional delivery are determined at the time of the chekout based on order adress provided by the customer. Delivery prices for the Europen Union are set according to our internetional courier company tariffs – Interlogistica Ltd..

Free delivery is valid for a specified period and is shown on the initial page of the site with free delivery banner.

Free delivery is only valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. For internetional delivery – the goods ordered from our online shop are delivered by our partner courier company – Interlogistics Ltd. For orders outside the European Union, we will contact you at the specified email address or phone number and will inform you of the price and time for delivery to you country.

Orders are executed within 7 business days. The term of order delivery is according to the tariffs and schedules of Econt Express LTD in business days and hours. Goods are delivered in packaging suitable for goods type and delivery transport.

Products are paid on delivery to a specified address with cash on delivery or through the site online card payment system. Orders are executed only after their confirmation by email or phone. We confirm orders every business day from 10:00 to 18:00. Payment and insurance costs for the shipments are covered by Renora Cosmetics LTD. For order delivery in a fixed time interval, an additional amount of 2 BGN is charged; in such case, you must specify the exact time of delivery in the comments field.

The products purchased from are not intended for further sales.

UNDER THE CONSUMERS PROTECTION ACT, all goods purchased by distance selling may be returned within 14 days after receipt; customers have the right to return or replace the product/s ordered from us provided that:
  1. There are no damages of packaging and content and the product is not used.
  2. The original packaging is preserved.
  3. Transport costs for goods return are for the customer’s account.
If you wish to return products purchased by you within 14 days after receipt, please, contact us at the contact phone/email specified by us.


Possible problems on order execution:
  1. Incomplete or wrong delivery/invoice address
  2. Wrong customer contact phone.


The final due amount is the sum of all products ordered by the user plus the delivery price and possibly the shipment insurance price. All prices include VAT and are not subject to change from the moment of order to the moment of payment. Prices are in BGN. All products are new, unused and in original packaging, with guaranteed quality and origin, 100% original products.


After completion of the goods order form, Users must select and indicate the payment method. Payments may be made as follows:

– cash on delivery – Users pay order price to the courier on delivery of ordered goods
– in advance, before delivery, through bank payment card – credit or debit.

1 – Payment through cash on delivery:
Payment of the announced price by cash on delivery (the price the User must pay for the purchased goods) is performed as follows:
– to the courier
– at the moment of shipment delivery.

2 – Payment with bank payment card (credit or debit card):
For payment with bank card, the following conditions must be available:

– the bank payment card must be of the following types: MasterCard, MasterCardElectronic, Maestro, Visa, VisaElectron, VPAY; in addition –V PAY cards and MasterCard Electronic cards will be accepted only if registered in the online authentication schemes Verified by Visa or Master Card Secure Code;
– the bank payment card must support the option for online card transactions;

On payment with bank payment card (credit or debit):

– a payment window of the bank providing services to the Company (UniCredit Bulbank JSC) will open;
– the User must enter the details of the payment card in the window:
  • name of card holder
  • card number
  • validity date of card
  • security code of card;
– if there is registration in the online verification schemes Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode – an authentication window of the bank-issuer of the card will open and the User must enter his/her authentication password there;

For payments with bank payment card (credit or debit) the User must keep in mind the following:
– After completing an order for a product from the online shop, the User must confirm that he/she is the authorized user of the credit/debit card used – i.e., that he/she is the legal card holder pursuant to a contract with the bank-issuer or that he is explicitly authorized by the legal card holder to use the card.
– All holders of credit/debit cards are subject to checks for confirmation and permit by the issuer of the relevant card; if the issuer refuses to approve a payment of the price of goods ordered to the Company, the payment is not performed in accordance with section I, clause 6.7) above.

To protect its customers from payment frauds with Visa or MasterCard cards, Renora Cosmetics LTD applies the best practices recommended by international card organizations:
– Security on entry and transfer of card card details is guaranteed by the use of SSL-protocol for encrypting the connection between the Company server and the payment page of the bank providing services for the Company;
– the authenticity of the User card is checked by the entry of a security code (CVV2);
– the payment server for online trade of the bank providing services to the Company maintains the authentication schemes of international card organizations – Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode, if the User is registered and uses them.

Conditions for card payment of a selected product

  • Payment with the following cards is accepted: MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY.
  • Please, note that your V PAY or MasterCard Electronic card will only be accepted if registered for participation in online authentication schemes Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode.
  • If it is necessary to refund amounts paid with a card for goods supplied by us, this will be performed by us through credit transaction to the card from which payment has been made.


The price of returned goods will be refunded to the buyer within 30 calendar days, starting on the date the refused item has been received back. If the goods return procedure has been correctly performed, price refund shall be performed in the same payment method used by you for the purchase.


A gift voucher is an official document certifying its holder’s entitlement to receive beauty products from under the following conditions:

Renora Cosmetics accepts prepaid vouchers from their holders by deducting voucher value from the value of beauty product ordered. If voucher value is lower than the nominal one, the difference shall not be refunded in cash. If purchase value is higher than the nominal one, the outstanding value is paid by the user.

Only valid vouchers are accepted (which are not damaged, torn, fake or expired).

On voucher purchase, you pay its value and the value of its delivery to an address specified by you.

  • The validity of each voucher is one year after its purchase, as shown on the voucher. Without this date the voucher is invalid.
  • The voucher may not be given to a third party.
  • In case of theft or loss, the voucher may not be reissued;
  • A damaged voucher is void;
  • A voucher may not be replaced by its monetary value;
  • The validity of the voucher is one year from purchase date and it may not be extended.
  • The holders of a gift voucher may use it once on our website –
For any enquiries, please contact our Customer Service by email to [email protected] or call 0887 000 909

Payment methods:
  • with credit card
  • through bank transfer
  • cash on delivery
  • you will receive the electronic card with a unique code and holder name at the email address specified by you.
  • the holder name is entered in the Special Conditions field on voucher order.
  • on purchase by the holder, the card code must be entered in the Special Conditions field.

PERSONAL DATA PRIVACY guarantees its Users/customers the privacy of personal details entered and undertakes not to divulge them to third parties in any form, nor use them for purposes different from the above ones. Personal details entered by customers at (names, address, phone, e-mail, etc.) will only be used for processing and delivery of the order, contacting you and provision of information in the form of information newsletter (which subscription may be cancelled any time), in observation of the provisions of the Personal data Protection Act.

Online card payments will be effected through the online ATM terminal of UniCredit Bulbank. Renora Cosmetics LTD does not store information about its customers’ credit cards and has no access to them. Renora Cosmetics LTD is not liable for additional charges, commissions and other additional payments by the buyer or his/her bank due to the transaction.


The legal term for reviewing claims is 30 days after they are submitted. Before sending the claim please, contact us for more information at the following phone/email: [email protected]

Please, send your claims to the following address:
Bulgaria, 4000 Plovdiv, 8 Tsar Kaloyan St.

Please, include in your claim a description of the reason for claim and your details identifying the purchase (this is most often the name to which the orders is sent or an entered phone number). Please, state the bank account number to which the refund for the returned product must be performed if your claim is recognized. Never forget to give us your full contact details, including email and phone number where we will inform you of the claim progress. If your claim is accepted your transport costs for product refund will be refunded, too.
Please, do not send goods by transport companies that will require cash on delivery from us. In this case the shipment will not be accepted.


In case of cancellation of signed contract, the amount will be refunded to the buyer within 14 days starting on the date the seller has received a message by the buyer for cancellation of the signed contract.
If the product has been used the signed contract may not be cancelled. If the returned product is incomplete, damaged or visibly used, the seller has the right to demand compensation for the damages.
For exercise of the right to cancel a signed contract, the buyer must inform the seller at the following email: [email protected]


For all issues not settled in these General Terms and Conditions and for further enquiries, contact our staff at the email/contact phone specified.
Online Dispute Resolution


An HTTP cookie, commonly referred to as a cookie(s), is a package of information in the form of a small-sized text file that is sent from the web server to your Internet browser, and then returned from the browser each time it has access to the same server/web site. Cookies are useful because they allow the website to recognize the visitor when he re-enters the site and retain its preferences for the website.

Session Cookies

When a cookie does not have a date or a period of validity, then it is session/temporary cookie. The browser recognizes a cookie as a session if it lacks the Expires and Max-Age attributes. After the visitor closes his browser, the session cookie is deleted. The website may remove session cookies from the browser, for example when the user logs out of the site or remains inactive for a certain period of time.

Persistent/Tracking Cookies

When a cookie has a date and/or a period of validity, then it can be defined as ‘persistent’. This means that when you close the browser, the cookie is not deleted.
Permanent cookies can also serve on sites to remember and distinguish the visitors. Most often is used for customization purposes, to collect access statistics, improve site usability and user experience. As well as for other purposes that do not require the identification of users by their personal or certifying information (user, password). For example, the Google Analytics service uses such cookies to distinguish between unique and returning visitors to a website.

Third Party Cookies

Variety of cookies are third-party cookies. More aggressive third-party cookies are those of ad companies that use them to collect information and track visitors’ behavior and activities to show relevant ads and offers.
When downloading and loading a web page resources from external sites while the browser loads this page, it also makes separate requests to these external sites in the background.

We are using cookies in order to recognize your re-entry and site preferences, improve your experience and our site. We use both session and persistent cookies. Some of these are necessary for the basic functionality of the website, while others allow us to improve your user experience.

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